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Viet Star Import Export Co., Ltd

nata de coco, aloe vera dices, cottonii seaweed, ulva, sargassum, seagrapes, ...

Friday,Jul 20, 2018
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About Us

We are one of leading company in producing and exporting agricultural products in Vietnam include:
- COCONUT as desiccated coconut, nata de coco, bio cellulose, coconut flake, coconut milk powder, mask coconut jelly, copra meal
- SEAWEED as cottonii, spinosum, sargassum, gracilaria, ulva lactuca, seagrapes caulerpa;
- FRUIT as lime, dragon fruit, mangosteen, rambutan, pomelo, passion fruit, jackfruit, mango, corn, soursop graviola
- VEGETABLES as galadium, leaf frozen, sugarcane, sweet potato, purple yam, carrot, taro, pumpkin, okra, aloe vera, betel leaf, eggplant
- SPICES as turmeric, chilli, onion shallot, cinnamon cassia, betel nut, ginger, lemongrass, galangal, star aniseed, ginger, garlic, curry powder
- TAPIOCA as tapioca starch, cassava/ manioc, tapioca residue, tapioca flour, frozen cassava, tapioca pearl sago, tapioca chip
- CANNED as pickled gherkin, peeled tomato, pickled tomato, pickled garlic, pickled leeks, pickled chilli, canned ... [More Information]
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